Sweet and Cold (Episode 9 Added) | Chinese Drama

Sweet and Cold (Episode 9 Added) | Chinese Drama

Sweet and Cold (Episode 7 Added) | Chinese Drama

In the eyes of other people, Meng Hao Tian is a woman of strength and beauty. Everyone saw how she started from nothing and jumped through countless hurdles in her entrepreneurial journey. However, only a few know of her painful past. Because of a farce wedding, she has unexpectedly gotten acquainted with Leng Si Ming, the young and promising CTO of Lingzhi Group. After many unexpected situations, the two grow from their misunderstandings as rivals to become partners, yet the glaring problems that follow cannot be ignored. In the end, can they conquer their age gap and the differences in their backgrounds? Can Meng Hao Tian break through the shackles of her past to regain the ability to love?


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